Through years of experience, our planning team have developed expertise that can help companies to manage projects successfully from concept to completion: 

  • Development of Project Work Breakdown Structure

  • Development of Project Master Schedule 

  • Resource Management

  • Earned Value Analysis

  • Development of Procedures and Guidlines

  • Development of Scenario Planning

Cost Control:

Our cost management team have extensive experience and comprehensive knowledge in project cost control in different industries in energy and construction sectors:

  • Analysing, processing and cost controlling for projects

  • Analysis of all standard costs and variances

  • In-depth analysis and reporting of variances

  • Budgeting and forecasting

  • Estimating

Risk Management:

Our risk specialists have extensive experience and knowledge having worked on several major projects in various industries and can help companies to identify risks at early stage of the project, develop the right strategy to mitigate and mange all risks:

  • Manage risk identification process using different tools and Techniques

  • Develop risk management 

  • Assessment of risks (Qualitative and Quantitative)

  • Develop response strategies and plans (Mitigation)

  • Risk monitoring and control